There are a variety of factors which can effect the fee for an event: duration, location, number of musicians and quantity of preparation required. Here are some approximate numbers for what you might expect.

For the average two hour event:
Solo Cello: $250-$350
Duet: $450-$600
Trio: $600-$800
Quartet: $750-$1100

Again, the numbers presented above are an average. Your event might fall above or below these fees. Please contact me with the date, time, location and type of group you'd like for your event to receive an exact quote.

What kind of music do you provide?
I specialize in classical music, and that is what myself and those I work with are professionally trained for. However, almost anything is possible. I have a great time playing musicals, jazz, pop/rock arrangements and fiddle tunes.

I'd like more than one musician, can you help?
Absolutely. In fact, most of the events I play for feature more than one musician. I have a network of local professionals (including members of the San Francisco Ballet, San Francisco Opera, Marin Symphony, Opera San Jose, etc.) who are very high caliber players and have played for me many times. I will coordinate them for you, and you will only need to be in contact with me.

What combination of instruments work best?
First, you want to consider the size and location of your event.  If it's an intimate indoor birthday party, a solo or duo could work very nicely.  If your event is a large outdoor wedding ceremony on an expansive golf course, you probably won't be happy with the amount of sound two instruments would produce in such an environment.  In that situation I would advise a trio or quartet.  It is also important to consider the balance between the high and low registered instruments, which is why I recommend the following combinations:

Violin, cello
Flute, cello
Cello, cello

2 violins, cello
Violin, viola, cello
Flute, violin, cello
Flute, viola, cello

2 violins, viola, cello (The classic String Quartet)
Flute, violin, viola, cello

My event is outside, is that a problem?
This can be accommodated provided that there is shade for all musicians, no inclement weather, and no extreme temperatures. The instruments are very valuable, and exposure to unreasonable conditions can permanently damage them. Usually, if you are planning your event at a site which often hosts events, they will have the umbrellas, etc. available that you'll need to make it possible for us to play.

There's a certain song I really want for my wedding ceremony. Can you play it?
Usually. If it is not already in my library I will research the availability of the sheet music for the requested song. I would estimate that this is easily feasible about 80% of the time. If there is no sheet music available but a recording exists, you have the option of getting it arranged (hiring someone to listen to it and write it down).  I do ask that if you have interest in something a little out-of-the-ordinary, please let me know sooner rather than later!  Sometimes the shipping times on more specialty sheet music can be 8-12 weeks.

I don't know the music I want for my wedding ceremony. Can you help?
Most of the time I hold a phone consultation with the couple I�m playing for to determine the selections for the ceremony. I can particularly be of help if you are interested in music that is a little less traditional than selections you usually hear at weddings. If you are already set on your song choices, a consultation wouldn�t be necessary.

What do you wear?
The musician's uniform is "concert black." The men wear a tux, and the women wear dressy black. Some people find that to be too formal for their event, and we're happy to wear less formal but still dressy attire.

How does it work to book you?
First, contact me with the date, time, location, type of event, and number of musicians requested. Using that information I can let you know my availability and give you an exact quote. I will then put together a basic agreement that outlines what we have discussed. When I receive the signed agreement and deposit, you will be officially booked.

How far in advance should I book you?
I accept bookings up to a year in advance. That is often when it is necessary to secure popular dates (weekends in June & September, and Memorial Day weekend). Most bookings are done between three to six months in advance, although I do sometimes have last minute openings. However, the more notice you give me, the earlier I can secure the best musicians available.

Can I hear a sample of your work?
I have several samples on my website, go here.

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